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風水命理批命 | Charity Feng Shui & Astrology Online
Tin Ho, Lo Charity Feng Shui & Astrology Online
A Young Talent Feng Shui Astrologist
Architectural Feng Shui Consultant, The China Feng Shui College

Tin Ho, Lo – A young talent Feng Shui Astrologist in Hong Kong, aims to promote the study of Architectural Feng Shui and Astrology. The objective is to help people to understand the important of household and working environment, choose the right living condition, as well as to solve daily difficulties in all aspects, in a theoretical, common and natural way.

Tin Ho possess with the following profile in Feng Shui and Astrology:
  • 1996 – Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with major in Engineering, and started Feng Shui studies.

  • 2000 – Completed the Master in Business Administration, same year started the Bazi, Zewei and Facial Astrology studies.

  • 2004 – Strengthened the knowledge and experience in Feng Shui and all Astrology studies, started the Naming and Chinese Calendar studies.

  • 2006 – As a freelancer to help relatives and friends in Fortune Telling, household and office selection by Feng Shui.

  • 2009 – Set up “Tin Ho, Lo Charity Feng Shui & Astrology Online” to offer Feng Shui and Astrology service, part of the consultation income treated as charity donation.

  • 2010 – As an author in some Feng Shui web sites and the “@Times” magazine, same year awarded by “The China Feng Shui College” as the “Architectural Feng Shui Consultant”.

  • 2011 – Invited by a top Reiki and Spiritual Consultant in Hong Kong, to provide Chinese Feng Shui and Fortune Telling service in the Causeway center. Same year invited by two cemeteries in China and Hong Kong as a Feng Shui consultant.

  • 2012 – As an author in the global property web site “” to share modern Feng Shui theories. Same year invited by the leading interior design company “Majestic Group” to offer Feng Shui consultation service to the clients.
  • 2013 – Invited by “The Links” and “The Sing Tao Group” as a guest speaker to share the Feng Shui theories for retail shop selection and decoration.

Feng Shui, refers to the harmony between human and environment. Household Feng Shui represents the decision of living location, the art of interior design to increase the living quality, so as to gain positive energy from our living and working environment. Feng Shui study refers to everything around, those are including the living country and district, traffic network, outside environment, inside floor plan, direction, household decor. All in all, these will affect human life in all circumstances. Nowadays, Feng Shui is becoming commonly used in many business decision and living culture. International corporate takes Feng Shui advice for the decision of office location and decor. Property development takes Feng Shui advice in the construction project. Rich merchant makes Feng Shui consultation for their living home. In the past ten years, Feng Shui study is becoming an important role, many intellectual and professional treats Feng Shui as one of the important criteria in their fortune. So, if we agree that environment is affecting human beings, we better take Feng Shui advice for the household and business decision, and decor in an affordable investment.

Chinese Bazi and Zewei Astrology is a commonly used fortune prediction theory according to the birth time of a person. It’s a statistic to predict human luck, as a result to let people understand their up and down in the life cycle. In return, people can make possible preparation to achieve the best reward. Whist the objective of Feng Shui consultation is to let us maximize the positive energies from the environment, so as to improve luck, enhance good things and neglect bad things. Traditional Chinese think that charity would increase their positive energy, this is Tin Ho’s objective to start up the charity Feng Shui and Astrology platform by applying this study to help the others. After over ten years of studies, Tin Ho started this Feng Shui and Astrology career in 2009, offering such services to the public at a civilian affordable cost, including the following services:


  • Office and Household Feng Shui Consultation
  • Chinese Bazi and Zewei Astrology Fortune Reading
  • Date Selection for Important Events like House and Office Moving, Marriage, Grand Opening, New Born Childs
  • Naming for Adults and New Born Babies
  • Result and Fortune Prediction Chinese Astrology

A Young Talent Feng Shui Astrologist – Tin Ho, Lo
Architectural Feng Shui Consultant, The China Feng Shui College
Address: 16/F, King Lung Commercial Building, 52 Dung Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (Consultation by Appointment)
Telephone    : +852 9162 4739
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